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How Martial Arts Jewellery can enhance your personality

Martial arts are the systematic study, practice and perfecting of the physical strength. When we think of martial arts, scenes of kicks to the head or boards being broken by bare hands come to our heads. But the broader picture shows us that martial arts are also filled with philosophy, culture, tradition and spirituality. It is a well-known fact that traditional eastern cultures are very in touch with themselves, their spirits and their emotions.

So, is all of this at all connected to jewellery and personality enhancement? Probably even more than you would have guessed.

  1. Martial arts symbols promote spiritual well being

There are many widely recognized symbols that some people might not know come from martial arts. Take the yin and yang, for example. A circle comprised of two drop-shaped figures, one black and one white, each containing a smaller circle of the opposite colour. The yin and yang comes from the philosophy of several martial arts that praise equilibrium: to find the good things in the bad and the bad things in the good. To be balanced. To never see things just as entirely black or entirely white.

Such a powerful concept finds a perfect fit when it comes to jewellery. People not only wear jewellery for showing off or for looking pretty, they frequently use it to promote their personal beliefs –such as crucifixes for the catholic people-, and wearing martial arts-related jewellery often incudes getting to know the philosophy behind their symbols. Since all martial arts have philosophies and symbols based on spiritual well being, wearing such symbols can make you someone more connected to your inner self.

  1. It reminds you that there is always a higher purpose

Deeply connected to the last point, martial arts always promote the philosophy of aspiring to a higher purpose. While western society often aims to just “live the moment” or “enjoy the immediate”, eastern cultures, the birthplace of most of the martial arts we know today, are deeply connected to the gods, the nature, the neighbour or the ancestors.

Wearing martial arts-related jewellery, especially in the western culture, can help a great deal with acknowledging the existence of a higher being or purpose. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual god; as long as wearing the jewellery reminds you to be kind to your neighbour, be respectful to the nature, help those in need, protect the weak or honour your family traditions, it will certainly help enhance your personality and lead you to a happier, more meaningful existence.

  1. It makes you more aware of different cultures

One thing that pretty much every piece of jewellery has in common is that it has a story. Wether it is your great-grandmother’s wedding ring, a necklace your father kept during a war or the bracelet you bought after getting your first job, jewellery is worn to remind us of a story.

When you decide to respectfully wear another culture’s symbols as jewellery, you might feel inclined to learn more about that particular culture. Since eastern cultures and countries have incredibly rich cultures and traditions, there is always one more thing to learn so you can proudly wear a symbol that means something to people at the other side of the world. And by doing so, you are guaranteed to become more open-minded and, thus, enhance your personality traits.

  1. It tells a lot about you

All kinds of jewellery convey all kinds of feelings while being worn, but also when you see other people wearing them. Ranging from the very conservative people who wear next-to-no jewellery at all to the incredibly opulent music stars that wear five or six golden and diamond necklaces at the time, jewellery is like a smile: it gives away who you are before you even have to begin to talk.

While there are certainly lots of people who just buy and wear jewellery for the aesthetic appeal, not really minding that they are wearing mass produced necklaces or rings, it takes someone who is really convinced of who he or she is to constantly wear martial arts-related jewellery. When you become known for being this kind of person, people around you –friends and strangers- will be able to tell that you are a person of strong convictions who worries about your personal style, and that you aren’t afraid of showing it to the world.

  1. It can actually help you become an all-around better person

We talked about how martial arts-related jewellery promotes spiritual well being, how it reminds you of a higher purpose, how it helps you understand different cultures and how it conveys your personal style, but, how are all these things connected?

It is a widely known scientific fact that believing you are some kind of person, proudly displaying your virtues and humbly accepting your flaws, can realistically end up with you becoming exactly what you think you are –it is called the Pygmalion Effect-. Taking all of this into account, it wouldn’t be a stretch to state that wearing martial arts-themed jewellery and being aware of all the four benefits we mentioned before could certainly pave the way to become an all-around better person. If you are open minded, respectful with other cultures and humble but proud of whom you are it is just a matter of time before you start acting with the enhanced personality you could get from this type of jewellery.

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