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Mongkol 9ct Solid Yellow Gold


A beautifully detailed Mongkol 9ct Yellow Gold charm, that features a rope around design, with flowing tassels on the bottom. Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing is a cultural Martial Art and the national sport of Thailand. However, with the passage of time Muay Thai is now practiced around the world.

Our stunning Mongkol 9ct Yellow Gold is made using 9ct Solid Gold, and the perfect dimensions for it to be used as a charm for a bracelet, or necklace. A great addition to your selection, that allows you to show off your history or love for the sport.

Length: 50mm
Weight: approximately 3g

  • Select picture for Bail or Jump Ring
    Gold jewellery will come equipped with either a Gold Bail or a Jump Ring.

Mongkol 9ct Solid Yellow Gold